Publish Game (Basic Guide)

Gamaddy is a popular platform for publishing games that provides developers with an easy and efficient way to reach a wide audience. If you have developed a game and are looking to publish it, Gamaddy can be an excellent option for you.

To publish your game on Gamaddy, you will need to send email about your game to [email protected]

Basic Example: Simple HTML5 Game

We'll create a basic game where you can control a character using the arrow keys. The character will move within the bounds of a canvas.

1. Setting Up the HTML

First, create an HTML file with a canvas element:

2. Creating the Game Logic

Next, create a game.js file where we'll write the game logic:

Best Practices

1. Structure Your Code: Organize your code using modules or classes for better readability and maintainability. For example:2. Use RequestAnimationFrame: Instead of setInterval, use requestAnimationFrame for smoother animations:3. Handle User Input Properly: Avoid using keydown for continuous movement. Instead, track the state of keys:4. Optimize Performance: Keep an eye on performance by optimizing your game loop and reducing unnecessary calculations.5. Testing and Debugging: Test your game thoroughly across6. Testing and Debugging: Test your game thoroughly across

By following these best practices and building upon the basic example, you can create more complex and engaging HTML5 games.

More detailed guide coming soon with code editor (ace) and live testing ✨